The document creation and maintenance process helps the content retrievability, to ensure timely information creation, to achieve the quality levels as defined and the information completeness as defined in the content strategy.

The workflow for document creation, information gathering and assembly, revising and managing the documentation projects will be discussed aiming to establish (or simplify!) a workflow and the skillsets required in each part.

During the workshop we will use the organization maturity model

  • Marketing, know what you need to do.

  • Production / delivery, make sure the work is done.

  • Development, know how to do it.

  • Maintenance, make sure it works.

Specification management is a special case within content creation as it involves multiple disciplines within the company and the information is both internal and external usable.

Specifications are originated in the product development, Specifications are maintained and validated by quality engineers. The specification targets are set by marketing and sales and have constraints coming from external standardization. This makes specifications organizational the most complex part of documentation.

Specifications will be compared with competing products, both internal as well as external products. Sometimes you want comparison to be easy (so standardize) and sometimes it is better if this is difficult depending on the market situation.