Before starting ConstantsTechDocSupport I have been active changing NXP technical authoring from a central team to a distributed team with central guidance, the technology and the working processes and procedures.

  • From a central team of authors and illustrators we moved to decentral authors and illustrators with central support. The guidelines were adapted from an author and illustrator handbook (and informal group knowledge) to a support website with all the rules and guidelines, hints and tips with the user in mind.

  • The document management systems were changed from homegrown to open source document management systems with a perspective to continued growth of the databases.

  • The applied methodologies have been adapted from documentation as last part of product development to parallel development of documentation with the product to enhance time to market.

  • The technologies used have changed from document building in a homegrown XML into a topic based approach using standard XML and well as generating documentation from parametric based information storage in another open source format.

  • Content marketing has always been very important but has been simplified strongly by creating single source information that can be converted to documentation as well as web based information.

All these changes resulted in a highly standardized information while the contributors were flexible to optimize the procedures to their local conditions.

I started with a broad interest in technology as a Master of Physics at the Technical University Eindhoven. My first job was as a marketing reseacher for integrated circuits (ICs), applying the logical thinking in making macro economic models for the IC markets, the IC inventory in the market and the IC production capacity worldwide.

Industrial engineering became my second job where much was learned about logisitics, cost price calculation and development project planning.

The understanding of market movement combined with detailed knowledge of production processes lead to my next job as sales support manager, becoming responsible for technology guidance to customers as well as the specification for products to be built. It is in this job that I started learning about managing product designers and the path for people to change their ways of working from technology driven development to customer requirement driven development and optimizing the technologies already in

From being responsible for specifications with the help of technical authors and illustrators, I later became responsible for setting up a new way of working for NXP semiconductors.