• 2018
    • Information Energy, explaining how gamification helps understanding the
      needs of information 4.0. Terminology, ontology and
      adhering to the standards are the most challenging things to master in information 4.0.
  • 2016:
    • CIDM USA, explaining the benefit of using DITA when 2 companies merge.
      • Together with Seth Park.
  • 2015:
    • Acrolinx WebConference, explaining why NXP choose for Acrolinx, how Acrolinx
      is benefitial to the authoring community and how much work it is to maintain
      the functionality.

      • Together with Jolanda Rouwendal.
    • TCWorld, explaining how NXP uses DITA as a content transport vehicle and as
      an authoring technology in a decentralized department.

      • Together with Frank Ralf.
  • 2014:
    • TCworld, explaining how NXP moved from a central technical documentation department to a decentralized team with a central core.
  • 2011:
    • DITA Europe (CIDM), explaining how NXP created an internal support website
      using the DITA concept of task, reference, concept, without DITA technology.

      • Together with John Walker.