Creating effective documentation in an efficient manner requires the right skills and the right environment.

With a selection of workshops and advisory tracks, an optimum solution can be arranged to match skills, environment and requirements. A mini workshop helps to get a quick introduction in all the topics.



Content strategy

Define document types and content elements needed for your customers and possibly internal processes. How the information is created, from which sources, the publication timing and means are all elements to formulate a sustainable strategy.

House style

Establish the relevant elements of language, style, standardization of terminology next to the fonts and page design. The workshop hints on the processes to adhere to the house style.

Terminology management

During the workshop we will investigate which elements of terminology apply to your domain and how you can manage your terminology.

Quality management

During the workshop the various aspects of quality such as correctness, readability and document management will be visited aiming to establish a quality management roadmap.

Document creation and maintenance

The workflow for document creation, information gathering and assembly, revising and managing the documentation projects will be discussed aiming to establish (or simplify!) a workflow and the skillsets required in each part.

Advisory track


Organization for documentation and product information

During an organization advisory track all elements of the technical documentation creation processes will be reviewed, including the needs for the specific workshops.

Technology and tooling

During a tooling advisory track all contributing content and source delivery systems will be reviewed and how the contribution is optimized.