The technical documentation organization, a company within a company.

Documentation creation and maintenance can be seen as a mini production company within your company and has all elements of a regular production company. Next to the product flow from input material to sales ready product there is an information stream that makes sure the end result is according to specifications.

The different areas of attention of the technical documentation (mini) company within the company

Marketing and sales

Development / maintenance

Production / delivery

  • Contact with the “real” sales and marketing to align requirements for

    • Presentation

    • Information objects

    • Quality and standardisation requirements

  • Contact with the lawyers to meet the appropriate legal requirements

  • Contact with the projects within the company, capacity alignment

  • Technology

    A balanced choice between tools and processes with the required means and guidelines.

  • Craftsmanship

    How to maintain the craftsmanship during illness, replacements, transfers of staff.

  • Shop floor control¬†or project management. Possibly translation management

  • Specification management may require special attention as it connects product development, product and process quality management and marketing.
  • Text creation

    Converting tech talk and data to information

  • Illustrations

    A picture is worth 1000 words

  • Quality¬†control and terminology managements

For each element of this documentation production “company” multiple solutions are possible. The marketing and development area’s are the most important sources for the goal of effective and efficient documentation.