Creating good product documentation is more than just hiring a technical author. It is a team effort to make sure you have to the point, accurate, readable information. The right tools and technology helps to make the creation efficient. Then, it must support the company branding and have the right legal coverage.

The workshop helps to understand the key ingredients required to create good documentation. Subjects such as the house style, the content strategy, terminology, work processes and the technology and tools will be interactively discussed.

After the workshop the participant will have more insight in:

  • What customers require in documentation (accurate, consistent, readable, to the point)
  • What the key ingredients of good documentation are
  • How to set the quality standards and how to measure against it
  • How to organize, optimize and manage the content creation process.

This workshop is intended to present an overview to help you understand more of the entire process. On all topics, more detailed workshops can be organized to learn more and really help you setting or improving your documentation process.

The duration of the workshop is 2 hours.
During the workshop you will have some time to reflect your own case against lessons learned.