Each workshop and advisory track will be mapped to the specific requirements to deliver an optimal solution.

Phase Workshop Advisory track
Analysis Identify current working practices, goals, ambitions and limitations.

Identify best in class examples.


Align goals, ambitions and limitations.

Align goals, ambitions and limitations and define improvement tracks and alternatives.


Conduct the workshop

Implementation of these improvement tracks supported with workshops and coaching.

Depending on the specific situation, interim management is an option.

Working with models

Working with models helps to analyse the way of working.

In the ideal efficient organization delivering effective content to the users you will recognize these models:




Know how to do what you need to do.

Organization maturity 

  • Marketing, know what you need to do.

  • Production / delivery, make sure the work is done.

  • Development, know how to do it.

  • Maintenance, make sure it works.

Ensure you deliver as planned.

Quality control 

  • Quality standard

  • Measurement

  • Feedback

  • Reporting

Know what you have to do.

Content strategy 

  • Content topics (customers needs)

  • Information grouping / navigation / document types

  • Content creation processes / sources

  • Publication / content delivery channels

Have the right approach.

User centric maturity (Dutch government: Gebruiker centraal

  • Management

  • Knowledge / skills

  • UX Methodes

  • Means

  • User impact

Know what your product is.

Content impact